Why ‘SHIFT Division’ ?

SHIFT your mind,    SHIFT your surfing,   SHIFT your experiences

That’s pretty much how we came up with SHIFT Division, helping to make a SHIFT in life for the positive ;)

For years we have been hunted out to quietly coach VIP clientele in private sessions. We have enjoyed lighting up the faces of Royalty, Celebrities & some of the world’s industry, political & executive leaders by taking them out to Surf or try other sports like Kiteboarding or Stand up Paddle boarding that we coach here in Bali; in private one on one or very small group sessions wherever we see the best location & conditions to suit or adapt to personal requirements. Experience, professionalism, organisation, safety, the right people for the moment & discretion are key elements we have become used to providing.

Above all giving the opportunity to Surfers or potential Surfers/Kiters to arrive on Bali and go mobile, Surfing with a great private coach or guide.

‘From a personal perspective, one of life’s pleasures is to enjoy organising, meeting & spending a session or day with new people, passing on the best of my knowledge and ultimately creating & sharing a real experience & adventure together. That’s a day in my life well spent!’ – Luca.

Bali is an island of exceptional individuals, SHIFT Division is your link to the next level

‘For SHIFT Division we have gathered a small select network of proven coaches who possess excellent instruction & communication abilities, professionalism, immense skill sets, a sense of humor, life experience & dependability. All representative of our service & the incredible surf/kite lifestyle here on Bali’

Is this for you?

“I surf or kite ok but I want a tune up by someone who really knows what they are talking about, having fun with me for a few sessions in the water but watching to find accurate points I can work on to improve my surfing/kiting.” – “Definitely ☺

“I want an adventure for a day/couple of days/longer, not to full on but to feel like I got out, saw things & really surfed in Bali or even islands close by & have someone professional but fun with me that can make sure I’m ok, sort things out and enjoy with me.” – “For sure ☺”

“I’m living in Bali/Asia and want some regular 1 on 1 sessions in my favorite spot or a few different locations with someone professional to give me the tips & extra confidence to enjoy getting out in more places and conditions by myself.” – “Perfect ☺”

“I’ve just got into surfing, I can stand up ok, ride along, but I want to know how to start really moving forward make turns & catch the waves I want.” – “Get ready to fast forward ☺”

“I surf like a rock-star, snaps, cutbacks – you name it – but I can’t get a gig anywhere, there must be a reason right?” – “We’ll put you on key and add a few tricks to the bag ☺”

“I think this is for me but I have a friend or couple of friends with me wanting the same – can we do it all together?” – “Yes ☺ we specialize in one on one or just a small group”



Luca Soulos – SHIFT Division creator & head coach

Specialist in Surf, Kite Surf, Wakeboard, Stand Up Paddle, Art, shooting photos & great times! Luca’s super friendly & positive, passionate about living, people & what he likes. Luca’s grown up since childhood with surfing & art, founded iconic clothing brands, fused multiple X-sports at top level into his life & traveled to waves all around the globe. He’s always excited to get out in anything from a 2ft beach break up & loves coaching, so you’ll have fun memorable sessions spliced with addictive energy, encouragement, patience & a roll of accurate concise instruction.

Sponsored Freesurfer
7 Years Rip Curl School of Surf – Master Coach multiple disciplines.
IKO Instructor Level 2 & IKO Head Instructor KiteSurfing
Professional Surf lifeguard 
Professional Snowboarder
Sponsored Wakeboarder
Professional MC. Competition freestyle sports specialist
Freestyle Acro paraglider pilot
Extensive World travel in Sports and competition.
Successful Snowboard Outerwear brand and Skateboard company Owner/Co-director (20yrs)
Artist – Surrealism – Mediums: Soft pastel, Acrylic, Pencil, Marker
Languages; English, Basic Spanish
Indo Time 93’94’95, 2007 until Present