Held in the famous Sanur lagoon using boats, (includes all equip.) An amazing spot to progress your flatwater riding in the 1km x 3km lagoon or head out to the waves to have an intro into mixing the surf and kite. Generally considered a lighter wind area (8 – 15knots) – perfect for fun progression without crowds or high wind consequence to perfect techniques in warm safe water.

PRIVATE LESSONS L1,Wake-kite 1hr,L2,L3,Advanced Levels 1.5 hours 3mil

ZERO TO HERO – 4 PRIVATE LESSONS (6 HOURS) to take you from watching kiting to being out there doing it in the fastest possible way. 10mil (all equipment provided)

ZERO TO HERO – 2 PERSONS, 4 SHARED LESSONS. 7,5mil per person (all equipment provided)

INTRODUCTORY COURSE IKO L1, 2 hours (up to 4 persons extend by up to 30mins per extra student) 2mil per person (ie 4 persons 3hrs session)
WAKE-KITE BOARDSKILLS – Kitesurf riding simulation using kite harness, custom kitebar, kiteboard & wakeboard boat (1person-1hr) 1.5 hours between 2 persons 2mil per person
COURSE L2, L3, ADVANCED, 1.5 hours between 2 persons 2mil per person

RENTAL full set 1 hour with twin-tip 800k, full day 2.5mil
Race, Surf or Free Ride board 1 hour 400k (+200k to full set)
*Boat sessions in Sanur will be based on two students per lesson.

Held on the Legian to Canggu coast :

INTRODUCTORY COURSE IKO L1, 2 hrs 2mil per person, Beach Kite session. (up to 4 persons extend by 30mins per extra student ie 4 persons 3hrs session) Beach training per extra hour 800K per student, equipment provided.

FREERIDE session 3mil (riding with clients already confidently upwind riding), 2 persons sharing the session 4mil (2mil p/p)

*all prices in Indonesian Rupiah